100 Years Ago Today...

A Random Event Production

“...and today marks the 100th anniversary of the historic treaty negotiations on Gamma 4 between the human race, and the Na'ru.

“The Na'ru, or Space Elves as they are called, have had 100 years of peace, as agreed on during those historic talks. The treaty itself expires very soon, and the plan had been to initiate new discussions for the purpose of extending the treaty, however civil unrest on Epsilon 2 has resulted limited travel Earth and Epsilon 2, and Epsilon 2 and the outer colonies.

“A Earth Corp negotiating team has managed to procure travel to Gamma 4 in recent days, so the treaty negotiations should be occurring as we speak.

“However, this will be a vastly different table than the last one. Now, instead of just being the human race and the Na'ru, there are two additional alien races to deal with, both discovered very recently.

“The Grishna look like nothing more than a pool of slime when in a relaxed state and have only within the last few years discovered space flight, while the Keltarn have indicated they have been in space longer than the human race while giving the impression that you are about to be eaten by an eight foot tall lizard man.

“The negotiating team will have a tought time of it, I'm sure.

“In other news...”

A systemless freeform/multiform for 6 to 30 intent on working out their place in an increasingly crowded corner of the galaxy.


This game is the treaty discusions of six different factions:

The game can run with as few as one member of each faction, up to 5 members of each faction.

Depending on the total number of players, players may be able to play as a team, meaning all playing the same faction.

Genre Knowledge:
1 - Future Sci Fi, all additional information provided
Rules Knowledge:
Adult Content:

Currently Scheduled for Phenomenon 2009.