A Darkened World

A Random Event Production

The Caramilla is an international social organisation sanctioned by Albino Lupine, Inc. which revolves around the gothic-horror genre set in Albino Lupine's A Darkened World. We are world-renowned for our continuous Live Action Role Playing (LARP) game that spans 43 countries on every inhabitable continent.

The Caramilla has been running in this country for a number of years, and has just arrived in your city. So come along and experience Live Action Role Playing as its meant to be™!


'A Darkened World' is a Freeform set at a Live Action Role Playing game. Players will be playing character, and most of those character will occasionally be playing characters.

Genre Knowledge:
2 - Knowledge of Old Style World of Darkness will mean you can laugh at the jokes.
Rules Knowledge:
Adult Content:

Character List

Game Master

Graeme 25 year old IT Professional

Regular Players

Player Description Character Name Concept/Position
Brandon 34 year old Government employee. Used to live in another city, and started the local club when he moved here. Organiser. Brutus Gangrel Primogen. Ex-biker, and general rough guy.
David 29 year old ex-military Lord Worthington Ventrue embraced from 16th century English aristocracy.
Erica 25 year old Assistant to the Federal Member of Parliament for the area Gladius Brujah Prince, ex gladiator from the Roman empire
Francis 21 year old artist Lucas Brujah Sheriff, warrior scholar
Iain 28 year old ex-military, eye patch on his right eye Gruff Gangrel, former wild game hunter
James 28 year old Lawyer, Leslie’s partner Lord Grey Ventrue embraced in the late 1800's, Lady Grey's Childe
Kellie 18 year old Arts student, child of a pair of roleplayers Solange Emotionless Malkavian
Leslie 25 year old Personal Assistant, James’ partner Lady Grey Ventrue Primogen, embraced in the early 1800's
Owen 19 year old Engineering student Nemo I am not a Malkavian, but my fish is
Patricia 28 year old ex-military, right arm bandaged and in a sling Mary/Merry Malkavian with multiple personalities. Mary is nice, Merry is... not so nice
Quentin 26 year old Government employee Reginald Tremere Primogen, everything is business
Richard 32 year old IT Professional and cynic Zoran Tremere, calm, personable, friendly
Veronica 20 year old Business student, very attractive Stella Toreador Primogen. Famous singer
Wayne 24 year old unemployed, on a disability pension 'arry (Harry) Nosferatu Primogen, silent killer
Yolanda 20 year old Engineering student Allison Toreador Harpy, first class bitch, and proud of it


Henrietta 23 year old Personal Assistant, used to play in another city and recently moved here Stix Nosferatu Elder, recently arrived in the city
Mark 28 year old visitor to the city Pierre Bertrand Visiting Toreador, Nobleman embraced during the French Revolution (NPC)
Norman 35 year old businessman, and Branch Organiser for another city, visiting Fidel Brujah revolutionary, visiting the Prince
Stephen Henrietta’s 22 year old brother Stones Nosferatu, Childe of Stix
Zoe 20 year old Business student, just moved here from another city Diana New Toreador to the city

New Members

Ambrosius 30 year old academic, just recently renewed his interest in roleplaying Benjamin Fellows Malkavian, newly awoken, and not much of an idea of what's going on
Carline 20 year old Ecological Science Student Sadhbh Tremere, newly sent to study in the city
Tatiana 22 year old Botanist Jodene Gangrel, just wandered in

Previously run at Conquest 2009 and Pheno 2010.