Breathing Space

A Random Event Production

The enmity between Prince Thalna of North City and Prince Lendal of South City is well known to all the Kindred of the region. It is this enmity that allows the Vampire Court of Centreville to exist in relative peace. Both Princes' consider Centreville to be part of their Domain, but neither is willing to take it by force as that might draw the attention of the opposing Prince.

Prince Greylin of Centreville has made use of this breathing space for the last 50 years to build himself a strong Domain between these two warring factions. However, Prince Greylin has not been seen for six weeks, and the Court grows restless. The appearance of strength must be maintained. Is it time for a new Prince, or should envoys be sent either North or South? The breathing space is disappearing fast, and decisions must be made.


'Breathing Space' is a Freeform for 12 to 18 Kindred, trying to work out what to do next.

Genre Knowledge:
2 - Knowledge of New World of Darkness will be helpful for setting.
Rules Knowledge:
1 - All required rules will be explained
Adult Content:

Currently Scheduled for Gen Con Oz 2009 and Unicon 2009.


Name Clan Positions Notes
Akmed Daeva Priscus Dressed like a colour-blind hippy. Slightly odd.
Allandra Ventrue Priscus, Master of Elysium Female. Hostess for the evening's gathering. Dressed in business casual.
Barbara Mekhet Female. Old resident returning after extended torpor. Clothing is a bit out of date.
Bella Daeva Herald, Primogen Female, beautiful, inspiring.
Bruce Gangrel Childe of Sharon. Intensly loyal to Sharon and Dave. Hits harder than Sharon does and doesn't pull his blows. Dressed like he just came in from the farm.
Charles Mekhet Confident, well knowledged, commanding. Sure of himself and gets things done.
Dave Gangrel Childe of Sharon. Intensly loyal to Sharon and Bruce. Light on his feet, and tends not to stop moving.
Edward Nosferatu Primogen A bit of a recluse, tends not to be seen often around the city. Rarely at court events. Well dressed in clothes appropriate to the 1950's.
Jonathon Nosferatu Very large, very strong. Something about him comes across as very off-putting. Clothing has seen better days.
Lidia Daeva Harpy Female, stunningly beautiful, but slightly unsettling.
Lord Absinthe Ventrue Primogen Expensively and impeccably dressed. Old world charm.
Maleki Ventrue Intense. Dresses like a former hippy who's grown beyond that, but still remembers his roots.
Mr Smith Mekhet Priscus, Primogen, Sheriff Quiet, blends into the background. You'll probably forget he's there.
Mr Wolf Gangrel Priscus Friendly, cordial, dressed more for utility than style, but carries it off well.
Richard Ventrue Seneschal, Primogen Childe of Prince Greylin, has helped him run the city for the last 40 years. Tends to wear business suits.
Sharon Gangrel Hound Sire of Bruce and Dave, Female. A diplomat, but don't upset her.
Smiles Nosferaut Priscus Cold, calm, calculating.
Tara Mekhet Female, dressed all in black with a cheerful smile and happy demenour.