A Random Event Production

“This is a secure area. All non-essential personnel are to report to their designated emergency shelter. All visitors are to be directed to the basement emergency shelter.

“This facility is now in Lockdown.”


Is it a terrorist attack? A drill? False alarm? Who knows…

People going about their business, doing whatever it was they were supposed to be doing. No common link other than location, and now crammed together for an unknown duration. Sit down, relax, stay calm. The room is secure, they guarantee that. The people? That’s another matter…

Lockdown is a freeform for 13 individuals who happened to be in the wrong government building at the wrong time.

Adult Content:
Genre Knowledge:
NA - Modern Day
Rules Knowledge:

Previously run at Unicon 2008.

Currently scheduled for Conquest 2009.


  • Jason Bartholomew - High School Teacher, male, mid 30's
  • Roland Caruthers- Bicycle courier, male, mid 20's
  • Noel Cowen - Personal Assistant to Senator Hutchinson, male, late 20's
  • Linda Evans - Archivist, female, mid 30's, broken leg in a cast and on crutches
  • Thomas Gleeson - Account Clerk, Shelter Warden, male, mid 40's
  • Senator Kevin Hutchison - Senior Senator for Texas (Republican), male, mid 60's
  • Beatrice Saunders - Personal Assistant to the Secretary of Defence, female, mid 50's
  • Rachael Smith - Business woman, female, mid 20's
  • Robert Stokes - University Student, male, 18, mother works in the building
  • Christ Templeton - Delivery Driver, male, late 30's
  • Lisa Trantor - Personal Assistant to Senator Hutchinson, female mid 20's
  • Michael Winters - Businessman, Sally-Ann's husband, male, mid 20's
  • Sally-Ann Winters - Former Building Employee, female, early 20's, pregant