A Random Event Production

"There's a storm comin' Pa, a real big one."

"I'm scared Pa, real scared!"

A small town in the Midwest, and the rain is coming down so hard that only a fool would be out there tonight. And so it is, for locals and visitors alike, as they sit inside the Saloon, waiting for the weather to pass.

There's a charge in the air, something's coming. Something big...

A Deadlands freeform for 18 people smart enough to stay in from the rain.

Adult Content:
MA - Adult Themes
Genre Knowledge:
Low - Knowledge of the Deadlands Universe helpful.
Rules Knowledge:
NA - All rules provided

Currently scheduled for Conquest 2010.


Please note: Some characters must be a specific gender for plot purposes, others are simply written as one or the other.


Cowgirl (Female) - Just wandered in to town to buy supplies for the ranch she works on, far out of town.

The Kid (Too dirty to tell) - Ten years old, was running errands for mother when the storm hit, and is now stuck in the Saloon until the rain passes.

Prospector (Male) - A grizzled old man, passing through.

Reverend (Male) - A local, born and bred in town and never intending to leave it.

Saloon Owner (Male) - Originally a man wandering through, but won the Saloon off the original owner in a poker game and has remained ever since.

School Marm (Female) - Born in the big city, and moved here after answering a job advertisement. Originally hated the place, but fell in love with the Reverend and married him.

Stage Coach Driver (Male) - The Stage Coach provides a three times a week link to the rest of the outside world.

Town Marshal (Male) - A local, born and bred in town, never been anywhere else, won't take any shit from anyone.

Working Girl (Female) - Plies her trade in the bar like her mother used to do.

Explorers from the South-West

Explorer (Male) - Travelling the "Wild West", seeing what there is to see.

Bodyguard (Male) - Travelling with the Explorer as hired muscle, to ensure his safety.

Indian Guide (Male) - Hired by the Explorer as a local expert.

Manservent (Male) - His family has been serving the Explorer's family for generations. Feeling quite a bit put-apon, but still trying to do his proper duties to his employer.

Travellers from the East

Scientist (Male) - Travelling west as part of his research.

Reporter (Female) - Travelling with the team to document the proceedings. Exotic looking.

Security Guard (Male) - Hired muscle.

Scientist's Assistant (Female) - Polite, well mannered, very intelligent.

Train Driver (Male) - Was driving the Train when the bad weather hit, and managed to get them to town before the worst happened.