Tower Inc.

A Random Event Production

Dateline: April 2, 2020

In the last seven years, Tower Inc. has earned its place as one of the leaders in the Exotics trade. In that time, it has been a trailblazer, forging ahead with great purpose and confidence.

However, much has happened over those years, and it remains to be seen whether Tower Inc and it's CEO Roland Whitaker can remain relevant in what lies ahead.

A high-level Business meeting for 15 to 18 members of a number of different corporations, all intent on remaining at the top.

Please note: Due to the nature of the game, it is possible for a character to be fired or otherwise removed from play. Players of such characters will be able to remain and watch the rest of the game, but will not be able to re-enter play.

This game contains discrimination and intolerance, and other aspects of the nasty side of human nature.

Adult Content:
MA - Adult Themes
Genre Knowledge:
Rules Knowledge:
NA - All rules provided

Currently scheduled for Conquest 2010.